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The Sub Sampler is a bomb sampler with a removable glass bottle. The sampler is is designed so that the glass bottle can be quickly and easily removed.

The Sub Sampler is very robust and made from spark suppressant nickel plated brass.

  The Sub Sampler is a bomb sampler with a quick release bottle
Part Number Material Volume Dimensions
5073A-1000 Nickel Plated Brass & Glass 500ml 125 x 300mm

Reels and Cables


Hand reels and cables are essential accessories when using Bomb Samplers.

The standard heavy duty hand reel is suitable for most situations. However if you are using the sampler in an Ex rated environment use the Hand Reel Ex with the copper cables.


Hand Reels and cables are required to lower the Bomb Sampler

Left: Ex Hand Reel (black) complete with earthing leads
Right: Standard Reel (green)

Part No Description Notes
5070D-04 Standard Hand Reel Made from PP
5070D-05 Ex Hand Reel For Ex rated environments. Made from conductive plastic. Supplied with earthing leads and clip - use with copper cable (5070C)
5070S-10 Chain -Stainless Steel - 10m 316 Stainless steel chain
5070S-25 Chain -Stainless Steel - 25m 316 Stainless steel chain
5070S-50 Chain -Stainless Steel - 50m 316 Stainless steel chain
5070D-10 Cable - PTFE - 10m PTFE coated stainless steel wire
5070D-25 Cable - PTFE - 25m PTFE coated stainless steel wire
5070D-50 Cable - PTFE - 50m PTFE coated stainless steel wire
5070P-10 Braided Cord - PP - 10m Polypropylene
5070P-25 Braided Cord - PP - 25m Polypropylene
5070P-50 Braided Cord - PP - 50m Polypropylene
5070C-10 Braided Cable - Copper - 10m For use in Ex environments
5070C-25 Braided Cable - Copper - 25m For use in Ex environments
5070C-50 Braided Cable - Copper - 50m For use in Ex environments

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